I am that kid…….you know, that kid in class that always got in trouble for drawing on his homework papers, I couldn’t help it……honestly.  Many of us did it, but a very few of us knew back then, that some day we would live it.  


I was born in Santa Barbara California in 1957, and my father worked in Goleta California as a ranch-hand and foreman.  At the age of 4, we moved to Santa Ynez, California which still is in the Santa Barbara County.  I was obsessed with drawing, I drew on everything I could find my hands on.  My Mom was my biggest fan and entered me in one of those, “Draw the Pirate” ads and win the Contest Prize of $595 in Scholarship in Commercial Art, and I won.  It started there and on through grade school.  Mrs. Hasley was my 4th, 5th and 8th grade School teacher, she knew I was an Artist, before I knew I was an Artist, Mrs. Hasley called my Parents into class to tell them.  I was a young rebel artist drawing Hotrods and Monsters and Ed “BIG DADDY” Roth was my biggest hero growing up.  I later bought Hotrod Magazines and Car Craft Magazines just to see and draw the latest Hotrods.  CARtoon Magazine was another favorite Mag that inspired my techniques and drawing style.  In High School, Mr. Atto Alexander was my teacher and he allowed me to draw just about anything I wanted and he to, saw my potential.  As I graduated from High School in 1976 I moved up north to Modesto. 


In Modesto CA, I went through a few jobs from Farming to becoming one of the youngest Footlocker Managers at the Vintage Fair Mall.  In mid 1980 a few Mangers and I from the mall, talked me into going to a Carshow, this was my first Carshow I’d ever been too.   As we entered the first building and I look to my right and I instantly was entranced not by the cool looking Hotrods but an Airbrusher named “the Great Renero” I told the guys to go on ahead, and I stood there for over ½ an hour before I asked questions on what he was doing……after a couple of minutes talking with Renero, he made it sound as if, he had this Airbrushing business cornered on this side of the country……that is all I needed to here, on the next day, I am at a Art Store in Modesto and bought my first ever Airbrush, and the rest is history…….I have toured with “Big Daddy” Ed Roth, I have been in multiple Automotive Magazines, plus, helped design 2 Airbushes to Market for royalties.  1991 I was hired to work at Disneyland, 1995 I am the lead Illustrator for Disney’s Premier movie, POCAHONTAS.  I freelance with the Disney Company for 11 years and also opened the doors for Warner Bros., Fox Home Video Entertainment, Hanna Barbera and many others.  In 2006, I am hired as a Senior Illustrator/Designer for the Disney Store in-house employment.  In 2010 I create Big’n Rigged, a commercial truck industry Apparel company…….I have been Freelancing and creating Artwork to todays date, I have a Children’s book that is about to be completed.  


Today, I am on a new Journey, hence my web-page called “Art’s Art Journey” I am on a quest and journey to become a Premier Fine Art Oil Painter……….I will try to learn and paint everyday,  I am learning how to load a brush, what type of Paint Brush to use for particular out-comes, what type of brushes deposit Oil Paint the way I want it to be deposited. I am learning about Mediums, like…..Liquin Original, Liquin Light Gel, Liquin Fine Detail,  and how Mediums become a very important part, to a successful Painting outcome.  Opaque and transparent, Chromium Oxide, Titanium, Quinacridone Magenta, Indianthrone Blue and many other important colors that maximizes a high level of important executions.  Then there are Thinners and Refine Linseed Oil, Mineral Spirits, Galkyd Gel, Liquin Impasto, Neo Megilp, Gamvar Satin Clear, and on and on………Oil Painting is like Directing an epic Movie, or Conducting an Orchestra for a La boheme Opera, plus, paint and thinners, Impasto, and Clear must be applied with the upmost knowledge so that the Painting can last for hundreds and hundreds of years.


So, follow my Art Painting Journey, check out my latest paintings, get information on my next Art Show, see what is next inside my blogs, ask me questions, see and follow my quest for that Epic Painting.


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